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About the Book

Change brings with it unique opportunities to innovate, to adapt to what the world offers and address what it needs. For the first time in human history, however, organizations are operating in an environment changing at an unprecedented pace and in ways that pose fundamental challenges to the way we live, work and socialize. As leaders wrestle with this reality, one vital question frequently comes to mind: How can we adapt and help ourselves succeed in the digital age?

Digital Fluency was written to help you answer this question by working through the hopes, questions and fears behind it, and moving toward strategic use of digital tools. Grounded in original research, and including both practical insights and tips for improving, this book helps us think about and improve one of the key factors in success: digital fluency.

Buzz About the Book

"As a marketing educator and researcher I think many of these concepts will be standard material in marketing communication courses prospectively. Enjoy." - John Talbott

"This book is a practical guide to building digital fluency among individuals in organizations. Everyone talks about information overload and the stress of keeping up with an ever-changing digital landscape, and Briggs and Makice offer a solution: gain an understanding of the stages of fluency and work with your teams so each individual feels comfortable embracing change." - Rebecca Salerno

"Digital Literacy is Good, but Fluency is Better" - The Atlantic

"Get Fluent in Digital Marketing" - Wildfire Social Marketing Blog

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